Corporate Health Management

Healthy employees are key for your success, together we create a concept to improve healthcare and the motivation of your workforce.

Corporate Healthcare Management is not about single measures like distributing apples or promoting physical activity, but the ‘healthiness at work’ must  be approached holistically and target-oriented and anchored in the corporate strategy. On one hand wearing things must be recognized and eliminated. On the other hand facts that have a positive influence on motivation and healthiness should be keeped and developed.

Two levels are important: First the company has to provide ergonomic workplaces. Second the people should be strengthened to be self-responsible by giving them support in a correct behaviour at work, e.g. education on how to handle stress situations.

Corporate Healthcare can only be successful if superiors admit to it without exception, have knowledge of the relationship between work and healthiness. On top of that, the employees should be incorporated in the healthcare-process.

Corporate Healthcare should always have these three phases: Planning, realisation and controlling. The sub-process should be developed with a top-down and bottom-up-approach.

In Corporate Healthcare there are three strategies:

  1. preventive strategies
  2. corrective strategies
  3. personal and organisational development

Branches we are specialized in

Construction Industry, Real Estate
Production & Manufacturing Industry, Logistics
Trade & Retail, FMCG
Gastronomy, Tourism
Agencies, Consulting Services
Public Sector
Single Services In Corporate Health Management
- concept, implementation, controlling

- targets, measures

- health programs, sport, nutrition

- examining the work places with specialists, educating ergonomics

- education of employees and superiors

- checking of internal regulations (e.g. standing desks)

- data analysis (time management and absences)

- absence management

- stakeholder management (e.g. SUVA, IV)
Compact, target-oriented analysis, concept and implementation including controlling, everything what healthy people need.
Comptence & Know-how
Integral competences. We offer you complete services. We understand the people, the job market, software, innovative and lean processes, leaders and also branding and culture.
Save Money
Massive cost reduction. You look for savings? You will get them with a more motivated team, optimized recruiting process, a modern, fresh and adequate appearance, timely decisions and communication, automation, recruiting strategies and much more.

Have a look at our decade-long expertise in Corporate Healthcare Management.

For You

The HR-systems such as recruiting tools produce data – lot’s of date. We can help you understand and use this data. In your databases, dashboards, export files or wherever you find them.
You define targets, insights you need. We will choose the right data.
After analysing the date we will create clean dashboards and present you key learnings.
And we can help your employees to use the results to evolve.


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